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E-mail marketing

Manage your e-mail campaign with iBuilder (Opens new window)

As a marketing tool, e-mail has a high response rate and is one of the most cost-effective, time-efficient ways to maintain an ongoing relationship with your clients. Our Web-based iBuilder program is a great way to create and manage e-mail campaigns of any size.


We can brand e-mails to the look of your website or create professional-looking e-mails from one of our online templates.

Subscribe / Unsubscribe

As part of our service we can add a subscribe/unsubscribe form to your website that connects directly to your e-mail database. Your clients can either subscribe or unsubscribe from your website or they can click on the link in your newsletter.

Tracking Statistics

We also provide detailed tracking statistics for all your e-mail campaigns:

tracking statistics for online e-mail marketing campaigns

  • Sent - View the total number of e-mails that were sent after duplicate addresses, unsubscribes and bounces have been removed from your list.
  • Opens – View how many recipients opened your HTML email.
  • Unsubscribes – We provide the number of unsubscribes you’re receiving from your campaigns which include any AOL complaints.
  • Bounced – View the number of bounced emails that didn't get through to your recipients.
  • Click-through Performance -  View your click-through rate on any links you have contained within your e-mail.
  • Domain Tracking – View statistics on your top domains (AOL, Yahoo!, MSN) including number sent, opened, clicked, bounced, and unsubscribed for each domain.
  • Campaign comparison statistics -  Graphs and charts enable you to compare responses for up to 5 campaigns.
  • Response Curve Reporting – Graphs inform you how your campaign did for the first 5 hours as it relates to clicks and opens.
  • Download Center – Download your bounced and unsubscribed e-mail addresses, as well as those who clicked and opened your email.
  • Non-responder Download – Download those who did not click or open and follow up with a different subject line enticing them with a different offer or article.

We present your data in easy-to-view charts and diagrams, enabling you to evaluate the performance after your emails are sent. You can determine what is working and what's not so you can make sure you are sending out the most effective emails to your customers and prospects.

Spam-free E-mail Delivery

FP² ensures your e-mail campaigns are spam-free and compliant with federal regulations. iBuilder is an active member of the e-mail Service Provider Coalition (ESPC). Our delivery team manages and monitors the following:

  • IP Monitoring - We monitor our IP addresses to ensure none are being abused by any customer.
  • ISP Relations - Creates relationships with Postmaster Groups at ISPs.
  • AOL Whitelist Management - Manages the AOL feedback loop where AOL sends us daily notification if anyone identifies a message as spam.
  • Abuse Monitoring - We monitor abuse responses and unsubscribe rates.
  • Campaign Review - Views each campaign sent through our system ensuring no spam gets through our service.
  • CAN-SPAM Compliance - Enforces CAN-SPAM compliant guidelines for all customers.
  • ISP Technical Specs - Engages with Microsoft, Yahoo! and AOL to ensure our e-mail headers comply “header” specifications.

Our Deliverability Engine is made up of the following:

  • Spam Check – This tool, which is included in our service at no extra charge, will filter your content to ensure that your e-mails are not mistaken as spam. Too much punctuation in your subject line or FREE in all caps will be caught by many ISP filters, so before you mail, check your content, then go back and make any necessary changes.
  • List Check – When you first upload your e-mail list, we’ll scan for any improperly formatted addresses you might have. Furthermore, we’ll check to see if you have any addresses that might be spam trap addresses. We’ll also look at the prefixes you upload to ensure you don’t have abuse@, spam@, or any other addresses that might look suspect.


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